good hot is a small bayside sauna operation. we have saunas available for private rental and a beach for cold plunging, at point san pablo in richmond. good hot is a worker-owned cooperative that aims to share the delight of communal bathing with our east bay community of all races, gender expressions, sexualities and backgrounds.

*points of unity*

01 centering queerness
we are anti-patriarchy, pro LGBTQIA+. Our work is focused around the support of queer and trans guests, and stewarding spaces of queer joy, healing and expression.

02 racial justice
we oppose the oppression of black, indigenous and people of color. we are committed to collaborating with and supporting events of BIPOC-centered groups and organizations.

03 socialists under capitalism
we’re against the subjugation and exploitation of working people. we share ownership equally as a collective, operate without managers or hierarchy and participate in an ecosystem of other collectives & cooperatives.

the benefits of sauna-ing are plentiful! sauna use has a long list of health benefits from improving circulation and cardiovascular function to detoxification and reducing inflammation. a sauna session is an opportunity to unplug alone or with others, and can help reset one’s perspective, mood, or feeling. we invite you come enjoy the heat, water, and steam with friends. ☻☺

04 public leisure
all people deserve leisure, relaxation and pleasure. we aim to create spaces that are public and affordable rather than private and exclusive. we maintain work practices that support the recreation of our members.

05 diversity of abilities
we believe in the value, rights, and joy of people of all abilities. we practice this belief by rotating work between all members regardless of specialty or identity. we design our spaces with sensitivity for access to bathers of all abilities.